Beth's and Martin's
Finger Lakes, NY (USA) August 1999
Tuesday, Aug. 17th 1999 (day 2)
Watkins Glen - Keuka Lake State Park
Total that day: 40 miles
Total overall: 73 miles
Look here for a detailed map.
The second day started exactly as the first day: A big hill. But fortunately this was the only bad hill during that day. After a lunch break at the beach in Dresden we experienced the nicest part of the whole trip. The Keuka Lacest part of the whole trip. The Keuka Lake Outlet, the connection between Seneca Lake and Keuka Lake is a wonderful trail. But look at the pictures and judge by yourself. 

Resting along the Keuka Lake outlet. You might recognize Martin's bike with the trailer. See the picture on the right in higher quality. (661kb)


The picture for Mom Kuegeler: Beth surrounded by flowers
See this picture in higher quality. (721kb)

That's cool: Little falls along the trail.
See this picture in higher quality. (393kb)
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