Beth's and Martin's
Finger Lakes, NY (USA) August 1999
Friday, Aug. 20th 1999 (day 5)
Seneca Falls - Maxsom (Seneca Lake)
Total that day: 25 miles
Total overall:  152.44 miles
Look here for a detailed map.
Well, it was still raining cats and dogs during breakfast and we started thinking about a plan B. But fortunately as soon as we hit the road the rain stopped. We still had to fight with a very strong wind so that the total milage was only 25 miles. But we did our first wine tasting at the Swedish Hill Vinery.
Because of the unpredictable weather we decided tothe unpredictable weather we decided to stay at a B&B again. This - again - was a very lucky decision. Despite the information given by the B&B keeper, ("There is no restaurant close that is open.") we ended up going to a festival at the Wagner Vinery which was just a few hundred meters from our place. They did not only have wine, but also food and beer.  A handful of older women (and even a band member) complimented our "skill" as we danced the night away to dixiland music.
It was embarrasing, yet kind of funny that the B&B keeper didn't realize our absence and locked the main door so
that we weren't able to go back into the house after the party at Wagners. While walking around the house to find an open door we must have woken up the keeper.  She arrived at the door in her robe to let us in. Of course, "the people who where locked out" was the main theme during next morning's breakfast.
The following pictures don't quite belong to this day. But since we didn't take any pictures that day, here are some artistic pictures:




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