Beth's and Martin's
Finger Lakes, NY (USA) August 1999
Monday, Aug. 16th 1999 (day 1)
Ithaca - Watkins Glen
Total that day: 33 miles
Total overall: 33 miles
Look here for a detailed map.
The first day on the road! We (or just Martin?) are a little stressed after we get everything organized. The car is parked, the bikes are packed, the sun is shining. To make a long story short: we are ready for our little adventure. It was one o'clock when we left the Bre. It was one o'clock when we left the B&B (Bed and Breakfast) - a few hours later than we originally planned. 

Unfortunately it became an adventure sooner than we thought. After leaving Ithaca city we turned into the Robert H. Treman State Park which turns into a nightmare for every biker: HILLS, HILLS, HILLS ... Basic natural law seemed to be non existing anymore. Hence, rather than "whenever one goes up, one must go down", became  "whenever one goes up, one must go up". The first three hours of our bike tour turned into a hike tour. And we were running low in water. 

But after three hours uphill (~15 miles) we went downhill for the next 18 miles (< 1 hour) and arrived in Watkins Glen Memorial Park just before sunset.

See the picture on the right in higher quality.(531kb)

This is the only picture we do have from our camp setup. Even if it is a little dark you might recognize the (new) tent, the pot for cooking pasta/rice every night, the beer ...
Aug. 15th '99
Aug. 16th '99
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