Beth's and Martin's
Finger Lakes, NY (USA) August 1999
Thursday, Aug. 19th 1999 (day 4)
Keuka Lake State Park - Seneca Falls
Total that day: 44.44 miles
Total overall:  127.44 miles
Look here for a detailed map.
Fit after the day of resting at Keuka Lake, Thursday was our day with the highest milage per day. From Keuka Lake State Park to Seneca Falls (Home of the National Women's Hall of Fame) which ended up being a total of 44me) which ended up being a total of 44.44 miles. The first 12 miles were again along the scenic Keuka Lake outlet trail.
After three nights of camping we decided to stay at another B&B (Van Cleef) which ended up being a very lucky decision since it would start raining that night cats and dogs.
Before we met with Beth's friend Laura in Seneca Falls, we used the pool at our B&B to recover from the long day.  Martin and Beth impressed their audience with super acrobatic pool tricks. 

How do you make Martin happy?
This picture was taken during the one and only break 
after 20+ miles in Geneva, NY.

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