Beth's and Martin's
Finger Lakes, NY (USA) August 1999
Sunday, Aug. 15th 1999 (day 0)
Arriving in Ithaca, NY
Total that day: 0 miles
Total overall: 0 miles

Day 0 of our trip was mainly travelling from Albany, NY to Ithaca, NY. Beth just finished her mentorship at the College of St. Rose in Albany, NY. We met there and started our trip to the Finger Lakes. Below is the map of the Finger Lakes and an overview of the tour which we would take over the next seven days. Since we were a little unsure of our biking endurance, we decided not to plan the details ahead of time. Therefore, we didn't ma ahead of time. Therefore, we didn't make reservations,  nor did we figure out a detailed route. We did however have a general idea of where to go with the help of a lifesaving bike tour book of the Finger Lakes.

Aug. 15th '99
Aug. 16th '99
Aug. 17th '99
Aug. 18th '99
Aug. 19th '99
Aug. 20th '99
Aug. 21st '99
Aug 22nd '99

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