Beth's and Martin's
Finger Lakes, NY (USA) August 1999
Saturday, Aug. 21st 1999 (day 6)
Seneca Lake - Ithaca
Total that day: 27 miles
Total overall:  179.44 miles
Look here for a detailed map.
Our last day on the road had it's ups and downs. After passing a few bad hills again, Beth found, by chance, a nice trail through the Finger Lakes National Forest. Even if it was kind of "funky" to do the mountain-bike-like trail with our bikes and all the camping stuff, it was worth the effort. 

Unfortunately we couldn't get a camping spot atunately we couldn't get a camping spot at Thurkdf. So after meeting with Beth's friend Bill, in Ithaca we ended up camping at Buttermilk Falls State Park. This park is only a few hundred meters away from the beginning of our bike trip.

Top: Our way through the National Forest, Beth's view. 

Left: Our way through the National Forest, Martin's view.

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